Our Quality


Believe in achieving excellence through continual improvement in our products, processes & systems. We are committed to provide quality Assured products on time and ensure to satisfy customer’s needs & expectations.
Hydrobenz Industries are committed to meet the customer requirements and customer satisfaction by providing quality products on time through effective implementation and continual improvement of the quality management system.

Quality Objectives

  1. To achieve customer satisfaction
  2. To make communication effective at all levels
  3. To continually strive for improvements in manufacturing through regular investments in plant and machinery
  4. To ensure cost-effective operations by improving productivity and reducing rejection and rework
  5. To continually improve through employee involvement, training & motivation

Health & Safety Policy

Hydrobenz Industries is committed  to respecting the environment, Health & Safety by:

  1. Developing and implementing coherent environment policies which demonstrate good practice
  2. Complying with applicable legal and other requirements
  3. Continually adapt work excellence, Conserve Natural Resources, Prevention pollution, Prevention of injury & ill health, and safe & healthy occupational practices
  4. Putting social responsibility for suppliers, employees, and interested parties at the heart of our management practices

On Time Delivery

Improve Productivity

Enhance Human Skills

Reduce Rejection and Wastage